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Photo: Instagram/@chintwins

Taking a Friday or Saturday night off from alcohol has plenty of perks—besides a recent study connecting just one drink to an increased risk of breast cancer, it also makes for better (and less blurry) bonding with your besties.

But if your social plans always revolve around the bar scene, where do you turn instead? You could start by taking a cue from fitness trainers, holistic healers, and wellness entrepreneurs—women whose crazy schedules don’t allow for one minute of hangover recovery time.

“I enjoy myself so much more without having the pressure of drinking alcohol and feeling sluggish, because that’s usually how it makes me feel,” admits Jeanette Ogden, yogi and creator of wellness website Shut the Kale Up.

Even though their ideas of down time all look totally different, these gals prove it’s possible to have a blast without a cocktail in hand.

And she’s not alone. Even though their ideas of down time all look totally different, these gals prove it’s possible to have a blast without a cocktail in hand. For some, it’s about being active—say, by hitting up a workout class or wrangling friends for a dance party. For others, sober nights out are an opportunity for self-care at a breathwork circle or sound bath. And let’s not forget about the huge contingent of healthy gals who believe staying in is the new going out.

Give a few of their suggestions a try, and you might find it’s a whole lot easier to say “no way” to  rosé.

Here’s how wellness influencers spend weekend nights when they’re not drinking.

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Photo: Instagram/@keairalashae
Photo: Instagram/@keairalashae

Keaira LaShae, dancer, choreographer, and BeFit trainer

My favorite thing is being snuggled up under a warm, cozy blanket with my hubby and daughter, eating freshly popped popcorn and drinking hot vanilla chai tea with almond milk and agave, all while watching our favorite movies! Nothing’s better than that on a Friday or Saturday night.

Photo: Instagram/@thechintwins
Photo: Instagram/@thechintwins

Cristen Barker, yogi and co-creator of The Chin Twins

The ultimate night out for me is being on a dance floor with my husband and my best girlfriends! Letting my hair down and letting the music take me away while I’m surrounded by the ones I love is the best therapy. I feel energized for weeks after a good dance session.

Photo: Instagram/@erintelford_
Photo: Instagram/@erintelford_

Erin Telford, acupuncturist, herbalist, breathwork facilitator, and energy healer

I love going to group healing events with friends, followed by a long dinner where we get to process and talk about what came up for us.  Group breathwork or moon circles at Maha Rose, restorative yoga and sound baths at Sky Ting or Ishta Yoga—all are such cool ways to participate in bonding rituals with your friends. Instead of checking out with alcohol, you’re checking in with each other.

Photo: Instagram/@bstereo
Photo: Instagram/@bstereo

Brandi Sellers-Jackson, doula, and founder of Not So Private Parts

I love ordering in and watching a good movie or getting caught up on shows I may have fallen behind watching. Blankets, snuggles, and food are my faves.

Photo: Instagram/@iamyoustudio
Photo: Instagram/@iamyoustudio

Lauren Imparato, yoga instructor and author of Retox

I love to cook with my husband—especially pasta sauces and pastas. I’m Italian, after all! Making a good pasta al pomodoro or lasagna is my favorite thing to do—maybe with a side of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Photo: Instagram/@hellolaurenash
Photo: Instagram/@hellolaurenash

Lauren Ash, creator of Black Girl in Om

I’m a big fan of music videos. My boyfriend, who’s a producer, and I binge-watch our favorite artists’ and study the storytelling, relationship between sound and movement, and overall aesthetic and art direction. We can stay in for hours watching videos and analyzing them.

Photo: Instagram/@officialspikelee
Photo: Instagram/@officialspikelee

Tonya Lewis Lee, producer, author, and founder of Movita Organics supplements

I work so much that by Friday and Saturday night, typically I just want to have a good dinner and go to bed—but I recently decided I want to have Friday night workout jams or boot camps!

Photo: Instagram/@laceystonefitness
Photo: Instagram/@laceystonefitness

Lacey Stone, celebrity fitness trainer featured on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian

My friends and I like to go out to dinner. I love the restaurant experience—the cutlery they choose, the servers’ outfits, the music, the environment, the food. Every detail is a conscious choice, and I think that’s special.

Photo: Instagram/@cocokindskincare
Photo: Instagram/@cocokindskincare

Priscilla Tsai, founder of Cocokind skin care

Since I usually have pretty intense work weeks, I like to keep my weekends unplanned. My ideal scenario is doing something healthy and, at the same time, relaxing! It’s not a night of mingling with strangers—I do enough of that during the week. Friday night is reserved for my closest relationships, or just for some “me time.” No exception! What we do ranges from doing a workout class to cooking a healthy meal together at home.

Photo: Instagram/@nikishabrunson
Photo: Instagram/@nikishabrunson

Nikisha Brunson, co-founder of Urban Bush Babes and creator of Folie Apothecary

On Friday or Saturday nights, I’m often binge-watching a suspense/thriller show or movie, listening to music, or reading articles about holistic health or psychology.

Photo: Instagram/@shutthekaleup
Photo: Instagram/@shutthekaleup

Jeannette Ogden, creator of Shut the Kale Up

I’ve never been one to go out and drink or party, so after having my little guy, not much changed. When I do go out with friends or my husband without the baby, I tend to BYOBooch! My thing is kombucha—it totally passes as a “drink” right?

Ready to Netflix and chill? These 8 streaming shows will seriously boost your mood. And if you’re looking to break up with booze long-term, host a high-vibe party of your own (no alcohol required).