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Alert: A new Sati class is about to launch!

Patricia Moreno
Patricia Moreno's new BodySoulSati class is launching at Equinox this Saturday


Listen up, IntenSati lovers—there’s a brand spanking new Sati program set to launch, and you can check out a special premiere at Equinox this Saturday!

Patricia Moreno, the brains behind the whole IntenSati mind-body-affirmations shebang, has come up with the new class, called BodySoulSati, in which students work through a series of standing leg work (combined with affirmations, of course), while wearing one-pound hand-weighted gloves to tone the upper body.

The inspiration, Moreno said, came from having a baby. “I created BodySoulSati when I realized that being a mom no longer left me with the luxury of spending hours at the gym,” she says. “I wanted to figure out how to spend less time there and still get the results I want.”

Which is why efficiency is at the core of BodySoulSati. It’s about getting the whole mind-body-holistic experience in a not-ridiculous amount of time. Interested? Check out the special premiere class this Saturday, March 5 from 2–4 p.m. at Equinox, 897 Broadway, at 19th Street. Tickets are $50, though Moreno is offering a new-mom discount for women who e-mail her at [email protected]; gloves are included.

For more information and registration, check out