How nutritionist and food blogger Alexandra Dawson keeps it real

inmybowltitlepic This January, we’re focused on promoting honesty and transparency in wellness with our #iamwellandgood initiative. Instead of making epic resolutions, we’re inspired by the sweaty, messy, imperfect ways real people (like us!) live healthy, unfiltered lives on a daily basis. To celebrate, we asked incredible experts to share their super honest #iamwellandgood moments via Instagram takeovers all month long. Last week we tapped fitness star Natalie Uhling

And this week, Alexandra Dawson took over our Instagram. You probably know Dawson from the delicious, healthy meals she creates for her site, In My Bowl, and Instagram. (If you’re not following her, prepare for some major mouth-watering photos.)

The nutritionist combines her knowledge of food science with her passion for plant-based meals to produce seasonal budget-friendly recipes. From three dollar curries to four ingredient Yoga Glow popsicles, Dawson’s upbeat, straightforward approach to healthy eating makes us feel like we, too, could whip up all of her appetizing concoctions—spacious kitchen not required (like ours, her kitchen is closer to the size of a closet).

In our push to draw back the curtain on wellness—and show that life doesn’t need to be perfect to be healthy—we invited the friendly foodie to give us a look behind-the-scenes. What we saw?

When you take away all the lighting and filters that make some of those food photos on your Instagram feed look a bit too perfect, Dawson’s bowls are still full of beautiful, vibrant, fresh foods. She strives for an active, positive, balanced lifestyle, even if she’s stuck in front of a computer screen most of the week.

Keep reading to check out her photo diary, and don’t forget to follow @wellandgoodnyc on Instagram so that you don’t miss a single #iamwellandgood moment.

(Photos: Alexandra Dawson)


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unspecified Hello, @tallulahalexandra here–nutritionist, writer, and photographer behind! I’m so excited to be taking over the Well + Good Instagram with behind-the-scenes photographs of my weekend adventures, the vibrant and plant-based foods I live by and share on, what inspires me, and my #GoddessVibes! // Here you’ll find one of my go-to morning smoothies: my Mother Earth Bowl with purple berries and beets. Whenever I have a few extra minutes I love adding decorative and nourishing toppings, but more often than not I’m running around to meetings with no time to sit and savor. Into a to-go mug it goes!


unspecified-1 On weekends, you’ll often find me bopping around Washington, DC, always on the go and exploring new running trails, restaurants, yoga studios, and parts of the city. Life is happening, why waste a moment indoors? // Unfortunately, my weekdays are a bit more redundant, incorporating casual and windy walks to not only break up those long periods of desk and computer time with fresh air and motion, but to also refresh my mind in the process.


unspecified-2 Although I try to stay as active as possible during the work week, with casual jogs, long walks, and yoga classes, I love using my weekends to get in a really good, quality sweat. A longtime yogi, I’m actually beginning an intensive yoga certification course! // I’ve been working on headstand for MONTHS and FINALLY have it down.


unspecified-3 Let’s see how many colors I can munch on today! // I’m constantly at the market finding recipe inspiration and in the kitchen playing around with different plant-based recipes for—is there anything better than dark, leafy and seasonal greens? [NO!]


unspecified-4  ALL of the veggies for me—baby arugula, ripe cherry tomatoes, cucumber, chickpeas, creamy dreamy avocado, and quinoa! YES PLEASE! Although I try to keep most of my meals homemade, there are more days than not where I’m either too busy or exhausted to get that perfect meal together. Lucky for me, Washington, DC, has a budding and healthful fast casual scene.

Get Alexandra Dawson’s tips on how to master meal prep, incorporate more fermented foods into your diet, and DIY your own easy almond milk here.

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