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Dr. Michael Roizen thought he knew how fiber worked, but it turns out he'd be making the right food choices quite by accident.

via AOL Health, by Dr. Michael Roizen

I’ve been asked to co-host an upcoming show on PBS entitled “Younger You.” When a company considers supporting a show, they often interview the host to see what he knows about a product. For example, if a treadmill company wants to sponsor us, their representatives will be impressed with my knowledge. I use treadmills every day and know how they work and their benefits. But what about fiber? I use it every day, as does my partner, Dr. Mehmet Oz. But do we know everything about how it works? We thought so, until we got a visit from a fiber supplement company.

Mehmet and I knew the difference between insoluble fiber (like from whole wheat and vegetables) and soluble fiber (like from beans and oats). Every day, Mehmet adds psyllium to his green drink; I add it to my berry blaster. But as it turned out, we didn’t know the importance of subtypes in soluble fiber. Luckily, we had both made the right choice, if by accident. Read more…