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ode to clean non-toxic wipes Pin It

Look, life is messy (that includes both your kitchen counter, your fitness studio locker, *and* that so-so date you went on last night).

But there’s an easy way to deal with almost all of it: Ode to Clean wipes, the all-natural, plant-based must-haves that are like a magic clean-up button for life.

Made with a genius, plant-based ingredient (Bioperoxide™, which is like hydrogen peroxide but entirely derived from plants), Ode to Clean makes it simple to swipe up kitchen counters, yoga mats, pet paws, and holiday baking disaster zones (looking at you, coconut flour). Bonus: The super-soft wipes feel great on your hands.

And since they’re fragrance-free and all-natural, you don’t have to worry about spreading weird chemicals around your space for the sake of easy, instantaneous cleanup.

Grab them at 10 percent off with code WELL+GOOD10 now. And PS: You’re amazing, and that whole dating thing will get better!

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