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Convenience alert: You might be able to fill your prescriptions on Amazon soon

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Photo: Stocksy/Tatjana Ristanic

Serious question: Is there anything Amazon can’t get to you with unparalleled ease?

The online marketplace sells just about anything and everything you could possibly need, delivers fresh produce (perfectly ripe avocados, included) straight to your door, offers a popular streaming service that competes with Netflix, and even created your very own robotic personal assistant (hi, Alexa!). Now the company might be adding and online pharmacy to its expansive list of services.

If Amazon moves forward with the plan, it’ll soon be possible to avoid pharmacy lines and have your prescriptions delivered straight to your door right alongside your other necessities.

According to CNBC, Amazon is currently in the final stages of breaking into the prescription drug market and will have a decision before Thanksgiving about whether the big (pharma) move is happening. So what will this mean for customers? If Amazon moves forward with the plan, it’ll soon be possible to avoid pharmacy lines and have your prescriptions delivered straight to your door, à la other prescription delivery services but, in this case, right alongside your other necessities—like pool floats and vegan cookbooks.

There’s no word from Amazon yet on a decision, but CNBC reports that the company has already brought on additional team members for a new pharmacy division. There is also speculation that Amazon’s goal will be to not only improve price transparency but also reduce out-of-pocket costs. Quick, affordable medication refills is something all patients can get down with.

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