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Ambitious New Yorkers wanted for The Failure Club

Photo: Morgan Spurlock

Remember Morgan Spurlock who ate himself into a McDonald’s coma in the documentary Super Size Me? Now he’s onto his next filming project, The Failure Club. And he’s looking for ambitious New Yorkers too scared to realize their big dreams.

Wanna open a boutique fitness studio, find your soul mate, or run a marathon?

If you’re the “what if” type, Spurlock wants to put a camera in your face and watch you get over that self-doubt. The series is looking to follow seven people over the course of a year, and the participants will help one another achieve their personal goal.

There’s just one week left till the October 7 deadline!

You must be over the age of 21, based in the NYC area with an unfulfilled goal. I’m sure we don’t know anyone who fits that description. —Monica Rozenfeld

To apply for the taping or to get more information, visit