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The triathlon training pool at the Laurel (Photo:


Healthy living amenities are the newest selling point in luxury New York real estate—and we’re not talking three-treadmill workout rooms.

According to, a new Lower East Side apartment building, the Madison Jackson, will feature a juice bar with 24-hour vegan room service, a Jivamukti yoga studio, a spinning studio, and an Olympic-sized pool. (Will we see rock-star yogis at the open house?)

Uptown, the new 31-story Laurel (on 67th Street and First Avenue) is home to a bi-level triathlon training center.

And at 515 E. 72nd Street, residents have access to a yoga sanctuary/half-acre park, a fitness center (with squash courts and a rock climbing wall), and a spa that offers Reiki and Flower Essence consultations.

One question: Will the doorman also make us a kale salad?