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An exclusive 3-class pack to Figure 4 for Well+Good readers

Figure 4 Instructors
Figure 4’s leading ladies: (from top left) Caitlin Krause, Kate Albarelli, Christina Ilisije, Jaime Frola (from bottom left) Madeline Day, Elizabeth Sousek, Heather Hamilton, Lindsey Ransom, Kerry Clarke

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This month—for the first time ever—Well+Good readers can purchase a 3-pack to Figure 4 for just $50. You have a full month to use your three sessions. Buy yours now! (Please note: You must purchase this on-line. Click on this link and select “Figure 4” from the drop-down menu.)

You’ll be in good hands. In fitness, a class is only as good as its teacher. And Figure 4, Pure Yoga’s renowned barre-based class, is taught by a staggeringly talented group of motivating women.

Kate Albarelli, ballerina turned fitness pro, created this high-energy sculpting class that will carve your muscles and whittle your waist. Since its debut 2 years ago, Figure 4 has been the toast of the fitness world.

Not surprisingly, Figure 4 instructors have a seriously loyal following: They’re classically trained dancers who’ve graced stages around the world; many have been (and still are) Rockettes. And they’re all fitness bad-asses who know their way around a weight room.

Combine their athletic intelligence with tough toning exercises from the ballet world, and you’ve got the recipe for what makes Figure 4 such a compelling workout.

Want to work out with them? Activate your 3-pack now and experience this barre-based conditioning class that will create a long, toned, flexible body.

The fine print:
+  Available for purchase: 2/15-2/18 ; must be redeemed between 2/15 and 3/15
+ Offer valid only for new visitors to Pure Yoga
+ 1 per customer
+ While supplies last and cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion
+ 3-day trial to be used only at one “home” studio