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Festival of Ideas
This "Worm Tent" will transform the streets for the festival.

It’s a busy weekend in New York, and if you’re not otherwise occupied trying a cardio dance workout in Central Park or hitting restorative yoga with mom, take a stroll down the Bowery where community groups, artists, and many others will be participating in the first-ever Festival of Ideas for the New City.

Through presentations, workshops, and exhibits, participants will be offering their vision for a clean, green, beautiful NYC of the future. Here are some healthy highlights from tomorrow’s Streetfest that are worth checking out:

1. Our favorite rooftop farm, The Brooklyn Grange, will be offering sustainable seedlings alongside DIY home-gardening kits from Windowfarms, the new-age window box that trades soil for hydroponics. Bowery between Prince and Houston.

2. The Chinatown YMCA leads Zumba, total body conditioning, and dance classes. Bowery between Prince and Houston.

3. Pick up some organic, artisan chocolates from Fine & Raw, a company based in a Brooklyn loft. Stanton between Chrystie and Forsyth.

4. Want to be a beekeeper in this complicated hive of a city? HoneybeeLives offers information on Honeybee colonies. In the park between Rivington and Stanton & Chrystie and Forsyth.

5. Who needs Whole Foods when you can get local, fresh Kombucha on tap from the famous Kombucha Brooklyn? In the park between Rivington and Stanton & Chrystie and Forsyth.

Festival of Ideas for the New City, May 4th-8th, StreetFest, May 7th, 11:00AM-7:00PM, Multiple locations between Bowery and Forsyth & Rivington and Houston.