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It’s peak holidays, and the stress of finding that elusive perfect gift for your dad (and maybe partaking in a tad too much sugar) is starting to get to you. So what can you do?

Just draw a bath. You might know magnesium as a supplement—but it’s not just for ingesting. In fact, adding it to your next soak could be your de-stressing secret weapon.

Just pour a few scoops of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes into a warm bath (slow-jam soundtrack optional) and relax while they dissolve. Magnesium flakes are said to not only induce calmness, but potentially help improve skin hydration and decrease inflammation.

And if a bath isn’t your speed, you can also snag magnesium lotions made with certified organic oils (and without fragrance or parabens). Plus, Ancient Minerals taps an underground resource for the purest magnesium.

You’ll emerge not only ready to tackle your next family shindig, but with a total-body (and mind) self-care practice in your back pocket.


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