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And the ultimate holiday gift is…

Peloton Bike
Order a Peloton bike now and get free delivery and white-glove set-up—a $250 value.



The Peloton Bike is the fitness “It” gift of the season

A quick survey of healthy “It” gifts throughout time: Those rad yoga pants you’ve been eyeing. A Vitamix. And now, an at-home Peloton Bike that streams cycling classes with top instructors.

The Peloton Bike is the ultimate holiday gift for those who value a high-quality boutique cycling experience on demand.

Order one (or two) bikes now and put a pair of spin shoes under the holiday tree as a cute and clever promise for what’s coming. (The coveted bike will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day—the start-up can’t keep up with demand.)

Nab a Peloton bike now, and you’ll get free shipping and white-glove set-up, a $250 value, when you use code “wellgood”!

Of course, what makes the ultimate gift for someone else, so often makes the ultimate gift for you. Forward this post to give a hint to your secret Santa.