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Anna Kaiser's tips for keeping fitness goals Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@theannakaiser

If anyone knows how to make fitness goals stick, it’s celeb trainer Anna Kaiser. The AKT in Motion founder has always sought to make exercise fun, and that’s exactly why her dance-cardio classes are beloved by celebrities like Karlie Kloss and dancing queen Shakira.

It’s not always easy staying true to your intentions, though, whether they include getting in marathon-ready shape or just making sure to move your body regularly. Luckily, the inspirational fitness superstar has a handful of tips to reignite your love of exercise and help you change your lifestyle for the better.

Anna Kaiser’s 3 tips for making your fitness goals your lifestyle reality.

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1. Schedule out all your workouts—and hold yourself accountable

You live by your Google calendar (or maybe your chic analog planner!), so why not add in your workouts, too? Schedule them just like you would any other important event, and commit yourself to be accountable for completing them. And, hey—award yourself a gold star upon completion, just as Kaiser does with Shakira, Motto reported.

“I love giving myself and my clients gold stars every day that they’ve completed a workout,” Kaiser told Motto. “I do that with my client Shakira, and when she was potty-training her son, she would give him a gold star every time he went to the potty, and she got a gold star every time she did a workout. It was a nice way for her to bond with her child.”


2. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself

But make sure the reward is something that’ll fuel your healthy lifestyle choices and keep you looking forward to your sweat seshes, “whether it’s a chai tea latte or $20 in a jar to go toward your next awesome piece of workout apparel,” Kaiser said.


3. Take the time to restore

Hitting the gym is important, but so are the restorative practices you do afterward—whether that’s catching up with your #squad or indulging a hearty self-care sesh.

“I’ll take a beautiful citrus Epsom salt soak. I’ll go and have a facial. I’m starting a meditation practice, and I’m trying to do that once a week,” Kaiser said. “I need time with my husband and I need time with my baby, but most of all, I need girl time. It’s just so restorative to my spirit when I get to go out and have an hour with my girlfriends just laughing and not thinking about work.”

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