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Announcing the launch of Good Deals!

Launch of Good Deals at WellandGoodNYC.comWell+Good subscribers will get one hand-picked deal each week from the city’s top wellness venues and practitioners, including yoga studios, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, healthy restaurants, and spas.

First up: Two weeks of unlimited boot camp classes at Strong Healthy Woman for just $37, an 80% savings.

Maybe you’re thinking, How is this different from Groupon, Lifebooker Loot, Bloomspot, Scoop Street, etc.?

Good question. And we have a great answer.

Each and every deal we offer comes with Well+Good’s editorial seal of approval. What does this mean?

  • Each deal is test driven by a Well+Good editor. We would never send you somewhere that we haven’t been and haven’t absolutely loved.
  • Like dining critics who’ve eaten at thousands of restaurants, we’ve interviewed hundreds of holistic therapists, tried treatments at hundreds of spas and wellness centers, and gulped down enough green juice to know the grassy from the god-sent.

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