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Announcing the new look of Well+Good

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Six years ago, we had the radical idea that wellness would become a huge lifestyle.

We noticed that people around the country were caring more and more about their workouts and having more fun with them. Intrepid, innovative, and often sweat-filled new businesses were launching every day to cater to (and encourage) all aspects of wellness from new takes on indoor cycling and fashionable workout clothes to juices and healthy foods and natural skin-care and make-up.

Living a healthy life was getting easier—and less counter-culture. You can now buy an almond milk cappuccino almost anywhere, grab a green juice, and take your pick of dozens of workouts until you find your flavor.

When we launched Well+Good, we were two writers with a passion for wellness, lots of journalism experience, and none in tech or business. Passion trumps experience every day of the week and our fledgling site quickly attracted a huge following in New York City. We slowly and carefully built our team of equally passionate—and seriously amazing—writers, designers, social media, technology, and advertising people. In 2014, we dropped NYC from our name, had a total of three email editions—Anywhere, NYC, and LA—and became a full-on wellness media company.

And now, with the launch of our new site, at this moment where more people everywhere care about wellness (and leggings and kale salads), we’re excited to be able to share the full breadth of our vision for Well+Good with you.

Some of the things we’re psyched about most? Our new logo. It’s now a large, porthole-style plus sign and a rotating gallery featuring all the things wellness adds to your life. One week you might spy a smattering of goji berries sprinkled inside the plus sign and the next week a pair of boxing gloves.

And we’re thrilled to debut a new column called The Plus Factor that will explain the contents of each plus sign. And if you have ideas for what should be inside the Plus, email us at [email protected].

Last but not least, if you live on the coasts, you can now sort for all our New York City or Los Angeles articles in the Cities section of the navigation bar. (You’re welcome.)

We thank you for being on this journey with us. If you’ve been a reader for a long time, we hope that Well+Good has given you lots of great reasons to check your inbox every morning, and made living a healthy, mindful life exciting and fun and a little more stylish. And if you’re new to Well+Good we hope that we can be your healthiest relationship.

Alexia + Melisse
Well+Good Co-Founders