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Appcession: The chic fitness-app studio to watch

Lacey Stone’s brand-new fitness app is hot off the Appcession presses.


Fact: An unprecedented number of people are doing burpees and squats in their living rooms (or other creative places) because that’s what their hectic schedules permit.

Another fact: More than 40,000 health apps are currently available, and that number is expected to quadruple by 2016. And come January 2013, a new crop of fitness apps will flood the market.

Our pick to watch? Appcession.

The ultra chic New York City-based company was created by three photographers with a passion for all things fitness—and an equally strong devotion to aesthetics.

“We really wanted to create well-designed workouts that have the same sophisticated vibe you get from a high-end gym,” says Appcession co-founder Daphne Borowski. (After all, who isn’t motivated to sweat in swish surrounds?)

The indie app company has already created some industry buzz, wooing big-time celebrity fitness talent such as yogi Kristin McGee, trainer Lacey Stone, whose new Extreme Bootcamp! app just dropped (we’re hosting the launch party!), and Amanda Russell (launching late January).

Cool-factor and clean aesthetics

Cool-factor and clean aesthetics differentiate Appcession from the more infomercial-style workout apps. That’s because the Chelsea-based studio photographs, designs, films, and develops their apps in house. They shoot in cool locations around New York—think rooftops along the Hudson and pristine Hamptons beaches. (No crashing surf or piped-in bird chirps.)

The easy-to-follow workouts are compelling and relevant for the athlete who knows the caliber of the instructor talent and for the curious beginner. So, next time you miss your early morning spin class, you can just grab your iPhone or iPad and workout with one of Appcession’s fitness stars.

Appcession fitness apps, $2.99,