The gut-boosting wellness essential this blogger doesn’t travel without

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When you’re in vacay mode and likely munching on things you normally wouldn’t—Parisian tarts instead of your usual a.m. green smoothie—it’s no surprise you feel different (ahem, digestive issues are common).

To keep your upset stomach from disrupting all your carefree vacation vibes, we asked globe-trotting nutritionist and The Whole Tara blogger Tara Milhem for her gut-boosting advice.

Whether she’s jet-setting to another country or going on a quick weekend getaway, Milhem always tosses one wellness booster into her luggage: a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Specifically, a high-quality vinegar that’s organic and brewed in small batches like Flora’s Apple Cider Vinegar Wellness Shots.

Why so obsessed with the pantry staple? She credits the golden elixir with helping her maintain a healthy baseline for decades. “I started taking ACV shots when I was a kid,” says Milhem, who thanks her alternative-medicine-enthusiast mom for her healthy habit.

“When I was younger I’d often experience stomach aches and digestive issues, so where did we start? Apple cider vinegar!” she says. “I’ve experienced so many benefits over the years from having a regular ACV routine.” Please do tell.

Keep reading about the feel-good benefits of a daily apple cider vinegar habitand why you should pack it for your next getaway.

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The benefits of ACV that make it a travel essential

Before getting into the magic of the natural tonic, here’s the low-down on what ACV actually is. The vinegar is made by fermenting apple juice or cider, turning the fruit sugar into acetic acid, which gives the vinegar its strong taste and smell—and its wellness-boosting powers.

Milhem counts on twice-daily ACV shots to help support healthy digestion while traveling. “I took the Flora shots with me to the Hamptons for a weekend, and that was so helpful,” she says. “When I take ACV multiple days in a row, I notice an overall increase in my energy levels, digestion, and mental clarity.”

On the road, apple cider vinegar could help keep you regular, according to Milhelm. “Apple cider vinegar helps the body breakdown foods and enhances the movement in your digestive tract,” the nutritionist says. Adios, bloat.

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How to start a daily ACV routine

Making ACV part of your daily wellness regimen is a simple way to promote good digestion and boost your overall wellbeing—at home and on the go. But don’t dive headfirst into the practice. With ACV, less is more.

“It’s unnecessary to take a large amount because there is such a thing as too much vinegar in your system and a little goes a long way,” she says. She recommends starting with a small amount before meals, which works out to a few tablespoons once or twice a day, or one pre-portioned Flora Wellness Shot.

Her other big piece of advice is to pay attention to the quality of the ACV you’re buying. Stick with brewers like Flora that prioritize using top-notch raw materials in their formulations. Flora’s ACV Wellness Shots are available in three unique blends, each infused with organic herbs, including elderberry (to support general health and well-being) and turmeric and cinnamon and ginger and lemon flavor (to support healthy digestion).

“The herbs all have incredible health benefits on their own, so when paired with ACV, it’s even more of a superfood combination,” Milhem says. An ACV shot a day keeps the travel blues away.

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