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Photo: Facebook/@siestago

Let’s be honest: Most days, you’re not sleeping enough. And nothing sounds more enticing than a quick, midday snooze.

But most bosses probably aren’t cool with you taking time at work to catch a few zzz’s (though one brave Well+Good writer tried it). If you’re in Spain, however, there’s no need doze al-desko. Just hit up an actual nap bar.

Siesta & Go in Madrid is essentially a spot for sleepy people to rent beds or rooms by the minute.

Siesta & Go in Madrid is essentially a spot for sleepy people to rent beds or rooms by the minute (for example, booking the top bed in a bunk for 60 seconds costs 12 US cents), so they can unwind before returning to the day (or office) refreshed and energized. And while it may seem like a novel idea, the concept’s already taken off in Brussels, London, and Tokyo. 

Though sleep is the main draw bringing shut eye-craving pedestrians into the place, the bar also offers quiet workspaces and comfortable armchairs for just over $2 USD per hour (perfect for catching up on Sarah Jessica Parker’s book club picks).

Your move, America.

Love naps? Try some of these tips to help you fall asleep faster—plus, the cool stuff your body does while you’re sleeping.