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Photo: Facebook/@siestago

Let’s be honest: Most days, you’re not sleeping enough. And nothing sounds more enticing than a quick, midday snooze.

But most bosses probably aren’t cool with you taking time at work to catch a few zzz’s (though one brave Well+Good writer tried it). If you’re in Spain, however, there’s no need doze al-desko. Just hit up an actual nap bar.

Siesta & Go in Madrid is essentially a spot for sleepy people to rent beds or rooms by the minute.

Siesta & Go in Madrid is essentially a spot for sleepy people to rent beds or rooms by the minute (for example, booking the top bed in a bunk for 60 seconds costs 12 US cents), so they can unwind before returning to the day (or office) refreshed and energized. And while it may seem like a novel idea, the concept’s already taken off in Brussels, London, and Tokyo. 

Though sleep is the main draw bringing shut eye-craving pedestrians into the place, the bar also offers quiet workspaces and comfortable armchairs for just over $2 USD per hour (perfect for catching up on Sarah Jessica Parker’s book club picks).

Your move, America.

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