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New York City does side plank in Bryant Park According the Times, Pvt. Alyssa Leggat needs to work on her push-ups. And apparently she has a ton of company—like a battalion’s worth—according to a military study that evaluates the fitness level of ARMY recruits tellingly called Too Fat to Fight. (Ouch.)

Well+Good proposes that New York, being the fitness-obsessed city it is, take on the responsibility of running potential ARMY recruits through a boot camp of our own. Heck, what’s a side plank to us? A week of killer classes at Flywheel and Exhale or with David Regelin and Ariane Hundt would help whip these new privates into shape. Here’s what we propose:


Problem mentioned in the Times article: “’Between 1995 and 2008, the proportion of potential recruits who failed their physicals each year because they were overweight rose nearly 70 percent,’ the report concluded.”

Solution: Start them on a Jamie Oliver-meets-Jerusha Klemperer diet of healthy home cooking, with way less salt and sugar, kale salad, and an occasional juice cleanse.

Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp's founder Ariane Hundt

Problem: “Many of the recruits who reach basic training have less strength and endurance than privates past. It is the legacy of junk food and video games, compounded by a reduction in gym classes in many high schools, Army officials assert.”

Solution: Enroll them in Ariane Hundt’s Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp (that’s her, doing 80 zillion non-stop tricep dips) or Slim and Strong program, which includes sprints, fit-band resistance training, and much more.

Corefusion Sport at Exhale

Problem: “It’s harder for recruits to reach Army fitness standards, and more are getting injured along the way.”

Solution: Mandate a month of CoreFusion Sport at Exhale to strengthen their core, improve hamstring flexibility, and take the pressure off the neck and low back.

Organic Avenue Green Juice

Problem: “Another study found that at one training center in 2002, 3 recruits suffered stress fractures of the pubic bone, but last year the number rose to 39. The reason, General Hertling said: not enough weight-bearing exercise and a diet heavy on sugared sodas and energy drinks but light in calcium and iron.”

Solution: Lift heavier weights (it helps build strong bones and muscles, while boosting your resting metabolism) and drink Organic Avenue green juice. attends yoga central park

Problem: “The new fitness regime tries to deal with all these problems by incorporating more stretching, more exercises for the abdomen and lower back, instead of the traditional situps, and more agility and balance training. It increases in difficulty more gradually.”

Solution: Chaturanga, eagle, followed by another 15 or 16 chaturangas. Full wheel. Handstand. Repeat tomorrow.