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Health insurance being a luxury commodity in New York these days, it’s fantastic to see an increasing number of sliding scale acupuncturists are offering affordable health-care services.

Go Yoga is offering donation-only acupuncture on Sundays. Third Root, a Ditmas Park non-profit wellness center, offers sliding scale acupuncturists. Our friends at Brokelyn reported on the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project in South Park Slope, which also offers sliding scale services.

And this emerging trend got us thinking: why are acupuncturists so generous and community-minded? Why not the massage therapists (Rolfers or Reiki masters)?

Are acupuncturists more altruistic? Or do they just have better public relations? Are massage therapists stuck in house-takes-half situation at spas but do it on home visits, when they can? Please share your theories here……