Are you touch starved?

You may be mistaking food cravings for touch starvation.

By Janice Taylor for

When I heard that neuroscientists found that touch activates the brain’s cortex, which is linked to feelings of reward, my weight loss bells and whistles went off.

People tell me (and back in the day, before I permanently removed over 50 pounds, I said it too), “I had a hard day; a seriously hard day! And I deserve to eat whatever I want to eat, without limitations. I need, I want, I am going to give myself a reward!” Sound familiar?

How’s that “I deserve” mentality working for you? Does the “reward food” ever really do “it” for you? Maybe—just for a minute, while the sugar, salt and fats are making their way across your taste buds, the food soothes—but afterwards? How do you feel then?

Touch is a sophisticated system. It is basic and key to our species. In the absence of touching and being touched, we weaken and grow “touch-starved.”

Keep reading for more reasons on why we might be mistaking food cravings for touch starvation… 

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