Are your neighbors ready for trainer Bob’s brand-new DVD?

"Biggest Loser" trainer Bob Harper announces a new hard-core DVD. Signature Ranch-style yelling included.
Bob Harper
With his new cardio drills DVD, Bob—and your neighbors—will be kicking your butt (Photo: NBC)

Like a little tough lovin’ with your lunges? Get your kicks on getting your butt kicked?

Well, Bob Harper, best known for sharing trainer duties with the equally hard-ass Jillian Michaels on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” announced today that he has a new fitness DVD ready to drop—and give you 20.

“Ultimate Cardio Body” is slated to hit the shelves March 15 (though you can buy it on his site today). Living-room trainees can expect a serious cardio and strength workout worthy of pissing off the downstairs neighbors.

“My experience working with a wide range of body types has given me the opportunity to develop unique cardio strategies that lead to real weight loss,” Harper promises.

As you can tell from the “Ultimate Cardio Body” trailer, the DVD promises a whole ‘lotta Bob-style yelling, too.

Ultimate Cardio Body, $14.98,

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