Ashley Turner launches a five-day online crash course in meditation

With her wellness-celeb-packed video conference, Meditation 101, the yogi-psychotherapist is making the popular and important practice accessible to newbies.
Ashley Turner yoga instructor and meditation conference
Ashley Turner’s Meditation 101 conference taps 30-plus experts on meditation for newbies. (Photo: Ashley Turner)


If everyone from your yoga instructor and Russell Brand to CEOs and music moguls raves about the many benefits of meditation, it can be totally annoying if, whenever you try it, you find your mind going over your to-do list rather than getting on the bliss train. (Arg!)

There’s a new wave of teachers at the ready to help you find your way to moments of mental stillness. Yogi-psychotherapist extraordinaire Ashley Turner just happens to be one of them, and she’s bringing her know-how-for-newbies to the virtual world with Meditation 101—a free, five-day video conference running from Monday, April 21 through Friday, April 25. In conversations with wellness rockstars like Marianne Williamson and Russell Simmons, Turner helps demystifies mindfulness and cut through the woo.

“So many times I’ve recommend meditation to my yoga students they’d always say ‘I don’t know how,'” Turner says, from her outpost in Los Angeles. So she sought a solution, not just for her students, but for anyone who’s brand new, frustrated, or even really into it and is looking for new skills and insights.

The online conference is not saying there’s only one way to do it—which is a relief for those who, say, just want peace in a pinch or maybe don’t want a mantra or to sit for 20 minutes at a time. Gabrielle Bernstein shares miracle-minded strategies while Senator Tim Ryan links meditation practice with politics. Radical Acceptance author Tara Brach talks about how to fold forgiveness into meditation, and loads of celeb yogis, from Seane Corn to Elena Brower, speak to intention, authenticity, and other life-enhancing outcomes of the practice. (Don’t worry if you have no clue what the difference is—that’s what the conference is for.)

All told, Meditation 101 includes 30 in-depth, pre-recorded interviews played over the course of five days, each with a guided meditation at the end. But if it doesn’t fit with your schedule, or if you want to keep watching after the conference ends, you can purchase all the interviews and videos for $75 through April 25, or $99 after April 25 by entering your e-mail address here.

Before you know it, you’ll be getting on a meditation wave-length—or at least sitting on the pillow. —Jamie McKillop

For more information on or watch Meditation 101, visit check out this 3-minute video with Russell Simmons and Ashley Turner, below.


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