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Ever been in crunch mode, running up against a deadline, and instead of completing the task at hand, you procrastinate because you’re consumed by existential thoughts? (No? Just me, the stereotypical Libra?)

You may try to focus, but even turning on an essential-oil diffuser full of energizing scents doesn’t help. Turns out, the one thing you may need to do is insanely simple—and easy to do. Next time you find yourself lacking focus, according to Thrive Global, get back to the very basics and simply ask yourself, “Why?”—or, more specifically, “Why should I care about the specific task at hand?”

If you’re frantically multitasking, you might end up with four half-finished projects rather than one entirely completed one, which could leave you with a hard-core sense of dread.

Breaking up your end goal into smaller tasks is an easy, piecemeal way to dive back into your workload.

While the “why?” exercise is intended to help you regain focus and perspective, your answer doesn’t need to be something grandiose (like “Save the world!”). Instead, it’s probably something a bit more realistic and practical, like finishing one aspect of a larger project.

This is because breaking up your end goal into smaller tasks is an easy, piecemeal way to dive back into your workload without feeling overwhelmed or all over the place. Small victories leave you with a big sense of accomplishment, and, ultimately, help you be more efficient in achieving your larger, #bossbabe goals, like successfully turning your passion into your side hustle.

Taking tiny breaks helps, too, so, make sure step away from your screen for a Bulletproof Coffee break, practice your yoga breaths, and simply ask yourself “Why?” the next time you need some help settling back into the grind.

Plus, turn your office into a space of zen and serenity with a tiny desk plant or a chic diffuser.