Asphalt Green Battery Park City delayed yet again

On Friday, Asphalt Green told all of its new BPC members that the fitness facility's opening date is delayed yet again.

Asphalt Green’s attempt to open a downtown campus has suffered another setback, the Tribeca Citizen reports.

The chronically delayed fitness facility, which was supposed to open in late 2011, had absolutely 100 percent promised charter members that it would be open by the beginning of summer.

Downtowners had booked swim lessons for kids, and were relying on the community center’s athletic summer camp. Adults had cancelled gym memberships in the expectation that they’d be swimming in the new pool, playing basketball on the courts, and working out in the gym.

On Friday, Asphalt Green called all of its early-bird members with the news that due to construction delays and permitting mysteries the opening date is delayed yet again.

Asphalt Green was quick to point out that they’re just the operators. The Battery Park City Authority is responsible for all construction.

Does anyone have intel on the delays? When we walked by last week, we saw that the swimming pool is full and exercise equipment is being loaded into the building.

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