Asphalt Green’s new AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga will turn your practice upside down

AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga at Asphalt Green will get your inversion practice off the ground. Buy two classes for the price of one and be entered to win a 5-pack!


Special introductory offer: Buy two AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga classes for $24 (regularly $48) and automatically be entered to win a free 5-pack!

Has the pull of the Earth been bringing you down lately? It’s time to try Asphalt Green’s brand new AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga classes, where you, and your inversion practice, will really get off the ground, as you hang upside down, gazing dreamily out at the East River.

The hour-long class was created by Om Factory’s Chris Harrison, a former competitive gymnast. And while Harrison’s carefully trained teachers can’t actually suspend gravity like some kind of astronaut superhero (disappointing, we know), his instructors lead you through an intriguing blend of traditional yoga, aerial acrobatics, Pilates, and dance, allowing you to practice difficult poses and aerial acrobatic moves in a fabric “hammock” that’s firmly secured to the ceiling.

We loved being able to hold inversions without neck or back compression, and the hammock helps with alignment. It was like we’d had both a massage and a strengthening workout.

The funny thing about being in the air is that afterward, you just may feel a little more grounded.

* To purchase, call 212-369-8890 ext. 2080, or visit Asphalt Green’s registration desk, on the 2nd floor of the AquaCenter (1750 York Avenue at 91st Street). Ask for the promotion WG2011.

** You must purchase this introductory offer by Monday, June 13 to be entered to win the 5-pack.  The winner will be announced Wednesday, June 15 on Well+Good.

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