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Want to know if you’re sensitive to gluten, or if you’re running low on vitamin D? Ordinarily, that requires a trip to your doctor’s office—but that was before the rise of at-home testing.

It’s now possible to test for a whole host of ailments in your own pad. And this buzzing new practice is going to be a big deal in 2017, according to Robin Berzin, MD.

“There’s a lot of cool consumer diagnostic tests coming out,” the Parsley Health CEO shared at our Wellness Trends event. “I’m so excited for people to be engaged in their health that they’re testing themselves at home.”

One company leading the charge? Everlywell, a super simple service that sends self-test kits to your door for everything from food sensitivities and thyroid issues to female fertility and metabolism levels. Once you send back your kit, you get access to lab-tested results via an online account. How’s that for easy?

Watch the video above to hear Dr. Berzin’s take—and be sure to check out our Wellness Trends overview and full insider video for the big picture on wellness in 2017.

Photo: Shani Hadjian Photography