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Athleta is holding free meditation events in August Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@athleta

All day, every day most of your time is not your own. Your boss needs you to finish that project ASAP. Your mom wants to Facetime. Your SO wants to know what you want for dinner. Even when your attention is spent responding to people you love, sometimes a girl needs a minute to focus on herself. Well, how about 30?

The events are designed so that meditators of every level leave feeling more relaxed and centered.

From August 9 to 13, Athleta is hosting free 30-minute meditation events at every single location across the country. (That’s 133, if you’re keeping count.)  Whether you’re a seasoned pro at sitting still for half an hour or the very idea of it freaks you out, the events are designed so that meditators of every level leave feeling more relaxed and centered. It’s part of the brand’s “Permission To Pause” campaign, launched to remind women of the importance of self-care and taking a little time for themselves—timed with the release of Athleta’s new Restore collection (AKA super soft and sustainable loungewear that practically begs for a little hygge-time.)

Shopping for cozy clothes and meditating for 30 minutes sounds like the ultimate self-love break. And it’s a great excuse to put your inbox, your texts, and your incoming calls on mute and say, “See ya, smartphone”—if only for half an hour. (Baby steps.)

If you’re ready to meditate at home, here are some apps to help you. BTW, did you know it slows aging? As if you needed another reason to try it…