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Athleta storms Fashion Week with “Crush of Adrenaline”

The massive event will feature a two-story installation, a celebrity choreographer, and, oh yeah...clothes.
A frame from Athleta’s “Crush of Adrenaline” video. (Photo: Athleta)

Fitness fashion brand Athleta just announced it will host a huge New York Fashion Week event called “Crush of Adrenaline” this year, with a two-story installation, a celebrity choreographer, and, oh yeah…clothes.

The company has been successfully developing a new, fashion-forward image as of late, focusing on street-chic styles made for urban women who are constantly shuttling between barre classes and board rooms. It opened three New York City stores over the past three years.

“As fitness and fashion continue to merge together, we felt this was the perfect time to showcase the versatility of Athleta’s incredible performance products,” says marketing manager Andrea Hicklin.

The event, at SIR Stage 37 in Midtown on September 3, will include an exclusive media event and a public consumer portion (with limited space), and participating models will be doing much more than walking, thanks to the direction of choreographer Luam Keflezgy, who’s worked with stars like Beyonce and Rhianna.

“We’ve worked closely with Luam to cast amazing dancers and athletes for our performance. The women will be performing a variety of athletic feats, from Parkour to contemporary dance, and walking the runway for Athleta,” Hicklin says.

No word yet on whether you may recognize some of those models as your favorite dance cardio instructors—or on whether Athleta will be booked next to Diane von Furstenberg in a Mercedes Benz tent next year. —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information or to get tickets for the show, click here