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Attention Gmail users! Don’t miss out on our newsletter

gmailTo all of our amazing subscribers who use Gmail (AKA everyone) and to potential subscribers who use it (sign up, already!):

You may have noticed that Gmail just rolled out a new feature that automatically sorts your inbox into Primary, Social, and Promotions tabs.

This means that from now on, your Well+Good newsletter will automatically go into the (hidden) Promotions folder!

We had to let you know in case you thought we stopped sending you our stellar stories. We would never. If you want your Well+Good newsletter front and center where it belongs, you have two options:

1. Revert, revert. Go to “Configure Inbox” and unselect “Promotions.” That will get rid of the Promotions tab and all of your newsletters will continue to appear in your Primary inbox.

2. Drag the newsletter into Primary. Click on your Well+Good Newsletter and drag it over on top of the Primary tab. A box will pop up on the top that asks you “Do this for future emails from Well+Good?” Click “Yes,” and our newsletters will land in your Primary inbox in the future.

If you’re one of those weirdos still using Hotmail or AOL, touche.