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By Lisa Lesser for YOGANONYMOUS

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As the lush, green hills of Northern California turn brown once again, we are reminded that summer is here.

There is no clearer sign to me that we are transitioning from vassant ritu (spring) to grishma ritu (summer) which lasts from approximately May 15th to July 15th. Pools are open and water tables are out while everyone from kids to adults is seeking out more water play. Activities are changing along with the increase in temperature.

As the sun gets stronger, the accumulated kapha (water and earth) in the atmosphere will dry up leaving more akash (space) for vata dosha to increase. Keeping vata in control will help minimize such problems as dry skin, constipation, back pain or osteoarthritis. The vata increase in the atmosphere will progress over the next few months so hold tight and just relax your way through summer. This relaxation will really help your body conserve it’s much needed energy.

In order to get through the summer without too much depletion and dryness, we must mindfully consume kapha. By kapha in this context, I refer to things which are madhur (sweet), snigdha (unctuous), sheeta (cooling) and drava (liquid). Milk, squash, water and coconut are a few examples.

Keep reading for more Ayurvedic summer advice…

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