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Bari Studio
Bari Studio co-founders Alexandra Perez and Brice Hall


Bari Studio, Tribeca’s popular fitness haven for hip, chic moms, announced its second studio—and it’s rather close to its HQ. “A lot of people are surprised that our second studio location’s in Soho,” says manager Sarah Levy. “But Soho and Tribeca are very different communities.”

The new Bari, which opens September 24, will be inside Citibabes, a private club for families that offers pre-school, a huge variety of children’s classes, as well as parenting education.

Citibabes already has a gym for parents to use while their kids are taking Spanish or ballet lessons. Now they’ll have a boutique fitness option with Bari—and non-members are welcome to workout here, too. The new studio will be right at the club’s entrance to make that easy.

The classes and fee structure will mirror the Tribeca studio: You can take Bari Basics, Bari Macro, Bari Bounce (their trampoline cardio class), and use the same class package as at the Tribeca flagship (classes average $30 per session). They’ll start with 4–5 classes per day, says Levy, and then scale to what the community needs.

Bari Studio, 52 Mercer Street, at Broome, Soho,