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Fitness studios like Barry's are not just selling workouts anymore, they're selling brands that cool-hunters—sweat-addicted or not—want to be associated with.
One of the items that will be sold at Bloomingdale's (Photo: Barry's Bootcamp/Bloomingdale's)
One of the Barry’s Bootcamp pieces that will be sold at Bloomingdale’s (Photo: Barry’s Bootcamp/Bloomingdale’s)

Does running treadmill sprints and lifting heavy weights sound like torture to you? Now, you can look like you went to Barry’s Bootcamp without doing either (possibly minus the sculpted abs).

The super popular and rapidly expanding fitness company is launching an apparel collection on February 15 that will be sold at select Bloomingdale’s stores in New York, California, and Florida, and online.

And the announcement comes just after SoulCycle’s recent collaboration with Shopbop, which made the yellow wheel logo available to young women who’ve never been near a yellow bike.

Both launches are indicative of a new reality where fitness studios are not just selling workouts anymore, they’re selling brands that cool-hunters—sweat-addicted or not—want to be associated with.

Items sold at Bloomies (nine in total) won’t be exclusive to the store, they’ll also be on the racks at Barry’s studios, but “what’s exciting about it for us is that it’s targeting people who don’t go to Barry’s Bootcamp,” says COO Joey Gonzalez. “There will be some crossover business, but not too much.”

One question: Will making Barry’s tees and sweats available to those whose hearts pound for fashion reasons alone affect our fitness cred? I guess not if ours are soaked with sweat. —Lisa Elaine Held