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Barry’s Bootcamp hosts celeb fitness instructors this summer

Amanda Russell and Derek DeGrazio
Amanda Russell and Derek DeGrazio


This summer, Barry’s Bootcamp is going to be the Entourage of fitness studios—all kinds of (fitness) celeb trainer cameos, all the time.

Barry’s co-owner Joey Gonzalez invited star instructors to the brand-new Hamptons location where they’ll teach their own boot camp-style workout classes sans treadmills (gasp!). The studio has a second classroom that they’ll be tapping for these.

Some of the boldface-name instructors slated for these special workouts include ARfit creator (and model and Olympic-trained athlete) Amanda Russell. She’ll be teaching her high-intensity 30-minute intervals class on Fridays in July and August. Los Angeles fitness stud Derek DeGrazio (AKA Britney Spears’ trainer) will teach from July 26–August 7. Lacey Stone will be back on the East Coast from August 23–27 to teach both regular Barry’s classes and her own (The Big Game) in the additional studio.

And though details aren’t yet confirmed, Surfset Fitness may also haul their RipSurferXs in for surf-style calorie-burning during August. Gonzalez says he’s “working on a few others as well,” so be prepared for sweat-inducing surprises. —Lisa Elaine Held