Battle of the highlighters

Weighing the pros and cons of two of the best highlighters on the natural beauty market—RMS' Living Luminizer and Ilia's Illuminator.

By Rebecca Bailey for

I’ve been using RMS Living Luminizer for what seems like years—it was one of the first new makeup products I bought after I read The Book. I think I’ve used it nearly every single day since then. But I’ve noticed that one of the things that has changed about my product buying habits since going clean is that I’m more adventurous, and more tempted to try new things. I’ve had my eye on Ilia for a while, and finally took the plunge and bought both shades of Illuminators. Let’s compare and contrast.

To begin, both brands are very clean and have never caused any problems for my skin, which is pretty picky about what goes on it. The cost is pretty much the same, and both feel high-end to me, in performance and packaging. So, what’s the difference?

Keep reading to find out the difference… 

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