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Be a morning person: Take the July IntenSati Challenge

Free IntenSati class June 2010 Bryant ParkOf the thousands of New Yorkers who’ve gotten hooked on IntenSati, a rigorous fitness class that combines cardio and martial arts moves with personal affirmations, hundreds get introduced through seasonal Challenges—including Cole Hernandez, who told Well+Good how IntenSati transformed more than her body.

The upcoming month-long challenge called the Rise and Shine IntenSati Warrior Challenge aims to make you a morning person—no coffee required—and a fitter, possibly happier one. Here’s how the Challenge works:

You commit to four IntenSati classes per week for the month of July at any of the Equinox locations. Two of them MUST be 6:30am classes. The others you can take at any time. To make this Challenge possible, participants get a one-month all-access membership to Equinox. And to keep track of your classes, you will receive a warrior bracelet for every one you take. To successfully complete your Challenge, you must have 16 warrior bracelets.

Open to non members who have never participated in previous challenges.
If you are a member of Equinox, you must be an all-access member
Pay it forward: Before you activate your pass, you must order an IntenSati DVD on and send it to a friend

Kick-off class is Friday July 2nd at 6:30am Equinox 17th Street and 10th Avenue
Wrap-up class is Monday August 2nd at 6:30am Equinox 50th Street and Broadway
For a full schedule of classes go to on

SIGN UP BY JUNE 29 at [email protected] and plan to activate your pass in person at the 19th and Broadway Equinox location before July 1.

Let us know if you do it! We’d love to hear about your experience.