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Finding a gift that stands out among the fake cheese baskets can be complicated. And pricey. Not these, which will have your hosts begging you back next year.
New York for the Holidays Care Pack from Vegan Cuts
New York for the Holidays Care Pack from Vegan Cuts


You’ve accepted an invitation to a friend’s holiday dinner who’s recently adopted a plant-based diet. Or maybe you’re heading to your hopefully future in-laws that don’t exactly seem like the popcorn-of-the-month type. Either way, finding a gift that stands out among the floral bouquets and fake cheese baskets can be complicated. And pricey. We’ve rounded up a few healthy, artisanal hostess picks that’ll have them begging you back next year:

Moon Juice I Love YouI Love You by Moon Juice, $36
Your hosts will thank you for leaving them in a healthier state with this four-pack of cold-pressed juices from the beloved Los Angeles juice brand. With culinary flavors like Turmeric Gold and Spiced Yam, they’ll also feel better about the peppermint bark they may have eaten while tipsy on eggnog.

New York for the Holidays Care Pack, $39
The healthy folks at Vegan Cuts have bundled up a half-dozen amazing artisanal treats that New York has to offer. So you’ll show up with goodies like raw Vanilla Crisps from One Lucky Duck and Better Off Spread Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter. Just don’t expect your hostess to share them.

The Sill set of 6The Sill—Fall Collection Set of Six, $78
These teeny, tiny, mini succulents come in hand-painted terra-cotta pots in happy-making hues that will cheer up any living room window ledge or office cubicle. And unlike a bespoke bouquet of flowers (which cost at least the same), with a bit of care the little plants will live far beyond the season. —Sarah Sarway