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Beauty Aisle: Moisturizing lip glosses and tints

We're seeing a spate of new, nourishing lip glosses and tints that moisturize with plant extracts as they disperse really rad color.
Natural Lip Glosses
The latest long-lasting shades from Armour Beauty.


What we’re seeing in the beauty aisle? A spate of new nourishing lip glosses and tints that moisturize your lips with plant oils and extracts as they disperse really rad color. That’s a two-for-one benefit that traditional lip glosses don’t have, and something to seriously smile about.

Here are three new moisturizing shades on the shelves that we recently spied and tried:

Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in RomanceOld Hollywood Glamour
Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in “Romance”
A subtly sexy reddish-pink, inspired by old Hollywood films, is the latest shade of this all-natural shea-butter-infused lip tint that’s Little Black Dress luxe. It comes in the indie beauty company’s signature chic packaging (watch heads spin when you click it open), and you apply it with a brush or fingertip. It goes on dry and lasts for ages. Layer it on for night; scale it back for the office. ($48)


SpaRitual Lip Gloss in RadiantNew Sheer Glosses
“Radiant Red Shimmer” by SpaRitual

SpaRitual, known for their gorgeous vegan nail polishes and collection of organic body care,  just debuted their first-ever collection of vegan lip glosses that’s also gluten-free. The four-shade collection is loaded with nut butters and oils, which gives a sheer, transparent shine that doesn’t feel too slick. Mica adds a bit of shimmer, fruit extracts impart antioxidant nourishment, and if you lick your lips, vanilla extract (not a mouth of chemicals) is what you’ll taste. ($18.50)

Armour Lip Gloss in Nina


Hot Of-the-Moment Colors
“Nina” by Armour Beauty

Meant for long-wear natural glam, the new shades from this rock-and-roll-inspired lip-loving line are on the sticky side, so they stay put. They’re designed by former model-turned-makeup artist, Theo Kogan. Look for an of-the-moment orange, a glam-rock silver, and the new electric, Nina (which looks great with my pale winter skin). All are loaded with plant butters and oils, so your lips won’t dry out. ($21) —Melisse Gelula



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