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Beauty Aisle: Tammy Fender Antioxidant Creme Neroli

Tammy Fender Moisturizer for Combination SkinWhat: A luxe and completely natural medium-weight moisturizer for grown-ups with combination skin. It has a light orange scent that’s clean rather than fragrant. And it comes with a free gift: positive energy from Tammy Fender.

Why: The ingredients are moisturizing and mattifying, so it’s great at nourishing my dehydrated cheeks and even better at balancing my active T-zone. Rosehip seed, carrot seed, and grapeseed oils make it a free-radical-fighting vitamin for healthier (and prettier) skin. Neroli and colloidal silver are a brilliant sebum-regulating solution.

Who: I’m almost always using a product made by this celeb facialist, who infuses her beauty products with unbelievably pure ingredients and a bit of bio-energetic love. Right now it’s this new stand-out moisturizer, which I know will last me through spring. —Melisse Gelula

We also love: Roman Chamomile Tonic, $60 (It’s an amazing skin calmer that I splash on after cleansing.)

What it costs: Tammy Fender Antioxidant Creme Neroli & Orange, $95,