Beauty review: Blissoma’s face and eye serums

Gluten-free and vegan serums that moisturize, reduce dark circles, and more.

By Rebecca Bailey for

This brand is total love for me. Blissoma makes my long-sought holy grail of face cleansers, and much more…

The products I’m talking about today are vegan and gluten free, with nothing added for scent—so they just smell pleasantly fresh.  Check out the product links below to discover the active ingredients.  You can buy founder Julie Longyear’s Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients You Should Know Booklet.  For $10 you’ll learn about the best anti-agers, plus get product recommendations (not just Blissoma, other brands too), AND you get a coupon code for $10 off your next order. I’ve referred to the booklet a dozen times since I got it, and used it in product searches as well as in formulating DIY creations.  So far the booklet is only available from Blissoma’s home site, Irie Star, and much of the Blissoma range is also available from The Nature of Beauty.

Amend – Facial Solar Repair Anti-Aging Serum:  It’s a rare product that I put on my skin and immediately fall in love.  Amend instantaneously feels so soothing, and wonderful, and just right.  I love my oils, but I felt the need to add a more moisturizing serum to my routine this season, and this is just the ticket.  Some lines around my lips developed this year, after a cold and dry winter, and this seems to make a bigger improvement than anything else I’ve tried.  It plumps me right up, and I feel like after several weeks of use my skin does look healthier and perhaps a touch younger.  I need about one and half pumps to get the right amount to spread easily over my face and neck, and with that the bottle lasts around a month. ($48.99/1 oz)

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