Become a health pro in one year

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Your precious Sunday downtime shouldn’t be wasted scouring the internet for the truth about clean protein sources or which supplement will make your skin glow. Or, maybe you feel like you’re craving to learn more than what you’ve already uncovered on Google.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)‘s online program can turn you into a nutrition expert with all the answers in just one year, no matter where in the world you live.

IIN’s online Health Coach Training Program presents a holistic picture of nutrition, teaching you about a range of perspectives—from Ayurvedic and Paleo to vegan—with instructors who are wellness leaders and MDs like Deepak Chopra, Mark Hyman, and Andrew Weil.

So if you want to live your healthiest life (and be an inspiration to others), you’ll be equipped with all of the knowledge you’ll ever need.

Ready to become a nutrition pro? The next class starts on May 11, and for a limited time, Well+Good readers can save up to $1,000 off tuition when you enroll online directly. Enter your email address here or call and mention Well+Good to find out more.

You can also take a free sample class here to see if it’s for you.

For more information, visit IIN

(Photo: Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

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