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Do any of these scenarios describe you?

❑ Are you a yoga teacher who’d like to bring some kid-asana to the mat?
❑ Are you a corporate lawyer or finance-type searching for your calling?
❑ Are you a schoolteacher who’d like to add some Zen to the classroom?
❑ Are you a full-time mom who’s fantasized about opening a kids-oriented business?

If you answered “Yes” (or even “Maybe”) to any of the above, please join Yogi Beans’ co-owners Lauren Chaitoff and Alexa Klein for a Q&A session on their new kids’ yoga Teacher Training program. Details below!

In 25 hours you can get trained to teach yoga to children—no prior certifications or teaching experience are needed. Yogi Beans’ co-owner and curriculum creator Lauren Chaitoff says, “All you need is a passion for yoga and a desire to enrich the worlds of little beans. Our training merges these two passions into a skill set you can market to the yoga, wellness, therapy, and education worlds.”

Yogi Beans’ basic teacher training curriculum covers sequencing a class for children ages 2–10. You’ll also learn how to incorporate stories, songs, and games into your class, as well as how to teach Pranayama and meditation to kids more familiar with Dora the Explorer than Dandasana.

To learn more about this accessible and affordable teacher training (it’s $675 and includes a comprehensive teaching manual), Lauren and Alexa are hosting a 45-minute Q&A at City Bakery on November 21. Come join them and begin to expand your world.

When: November 21, 6:00–6:45 p.m.
Where: The City Bakery, 3 W. 18th St. (between 5th and 6th Aves.), upper balcony
RSVP required: E-mail [email protected]