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Photo: Stocksy/Julia Volk

This time of year, with Mariah Carey blasting everywhere you go and your Instagram feed full of couples doing romantic winter activities together, if you’re single, it can feel, well, lonesome. But the next time you’re at home watching Netflix wishing someone was cuddled up next to you, rest assured, single men feel the same way—actually even more than you do.

EHarmony and Relate (a British charity specializing in relationship support) recently surveyed over 4,000 single people and found that men were more worried about being single during the holidays than women. According to the researchers, there’s a reason why men are a bit worse off: Women tend to have stronger support systems and emotional connections with friends and family members. And men also are more likely to miss physical contact more than women.

If you’re a single, straight woman, this should be good news to you: It means now is a prime time to meet someone—whether it’s IRL or online. So if you crave being in a relationship, the holidays are a great time to put yourself out there: Lots of guys are thinking the exact same thing. (Just don’t chat them up at the gym—turns out that’s a tough place to get your flirt on. Plus, there are better, app-powered ways to connect with fellow sweat sesh fans.)

In the meantime, here’s how to be ridiculously happy while you’re still unattached. And if you’re online dating, mentioning this one food in your profile will increase your love luck, according to a recent study