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Your Zodiac Gift Guide: the Best Presents for Each Sign

Rachel Lapidos

Rachel LapidosDecember 12, 2016

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You know your BFF better than anyone—from her fitness fashion tribe to her fave healthy cocktail. But how, every year, do you somehow end up scratching your head when the holidays come around? Gift-giving isn’t as easy as it seems—especially if you’re making a list (and checking it twice) for people you don’t spend all your free time with, AKA your family, your co-workers, and, yes, your S.O.’s mom.

Thankfully, you can look to the stars to see which presents will strike gold for everyone—your horoscope does seem to nail it every month, after all.

“Your sun sign [which you know as your sign] shows who you are, and it’s a wonderful filter that can be used to understand what you like, what inspires you, and what gets you excited about life,” says Sandra Sitron, the astrologist behind Strong Eye Astrology. “So it’s a great place to look to discover great gift ideas.” In other words, knowing someone’s astrological aura makes browsing virtual and IRL shelves much easier, because there are certainly gifts that match each element of the zodiac.

And if you want something even more personal, buying based on their moon and Venus signs will score you extra (gluten-free) brownie points. (To figure out someone’s different signs, you can obtain a birth chart here.)

“If you know your gift recipient’s moon or Venus signs, those are excellent places to look for deeper astrological inspiration,” says Sitron. “The moon sign will show you how your recipient feels—use this to pick a gift that will hit close to their heart. The Venus sign shows what the person appreciates, which is my favorite place to look for a great gift idea.”

Consider this your ultimate star-inspired shopping cheat sheet.

Keep reading for some seriously insightful gift ideas, as gleaned from the galaxy.

The best gift for every astrological sign: Aries

Aries: New tech gadgets, athleisure, or a gift certificate for an adventure

Aries is one of the signs that loves new things—new technology, new hobbies, new experiences. They aren’t afraid to be an early technology adopter, so go ahead and get them the newest gadget (wireless headphones, anyone?). They’d also love an outfit that matches their favorite sport or workout. Find out if they are considering a new hobby and help them get started with a book or a class. But most of all, Aries wants to experience something fun and exciting—a surprise adventure will never fail (if you’re looking to splurge!).

The best gift for every astrological sign: Taurus

Taurus: A chunky sweater, a fancy tea, a good bottle of wine, or a natural beauty product

Taurus is the sensualist of the zodiac. They want to feel really good in their skin. The best gifts for them are things that will help them feel cozy, well-fed and soothed—in other words, nesting essentials. Think soft or silky clothing, delicious food, and good music. They’re ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty, so an earthy natural beauty product will also make her feel special.

The best gift for every astrological sign: Gemini

Gemini: A phone or phone accessories, a cool magazine/news/movie subscription, or a creative manicure

Gemini loves to be constantly amused and informed. They want to stay up-to-date on everything that’s going on, so news, magazine, and movie subscriptions are perfect gifts. A museum membership will help them stay culturally in-the-know. They are tech lovers and prioritize staying in touch with their large networks of friends, so a phone or phone accessory is always useful. Geminis love to talk, and they talk with their hands—which is why any on-trend nail art is always appreciated.

The best gift for every astrological sign: Cancer

Cancer: Cookbooks, home decor items, a moon calendar, or opera tickets

Cancer loves to have a cozy home zone. They want to be able to retreat from the stress of the outside world when it strikes their fancy. Their number-one priority is nurturing themselves and their inner circle, so think: cookbooks and home decor to help create that environment. Emotional Cancers are ruled by the moon, so staying in tune with the moon cycles (via a calendar) is key for them. A night out at the opera is an amazing gift, too, as the music helps them connect with their own emotions in a pleasing way.

The best gift for every astrological sign: Leo

Leo: Gold, extravagant fashion, hair tools, or theater tickets

Showy Leo loves gold anything: jewelry, makeup, even temporary tattoos. This fire sign is perfectly comfortable stealing the stage fashion-wise, so statement pieces will do the trick. Leo rules the hair (think: lion’s mane), so hair tools and products are always appreciated. And, of course, Leo loves a night out on the town and the theater—take them out!

The best gift for every astrological sign: Virgo

Virgo: Organizers, turquoise stones or jewelry, or an oil cleanser

Virgo is down to try anything that will help them make their life more efficient. Something useful that might otherwise seem like a boring gift is exceedingly appreciated by them. Think organizer bins, natural cleaning supplies, and candles. Earthy Virgo does like to look fresh and put together, and appreciates an all-natural beauty find like an oil cleanser. If you want to gift them jewelry, the natural healing properties of turquoise keep them balanced and grounded.

The best gift for every astrological sign: Libra

Libra: Candles, high-quality soap, or a style upgrade

Libra loves the fluffy, pretty, romantic stuff, like designer candles or beautifully packaged soap. They are fashionable, so go for something on-trend. A membership to a clothing or style rental service is excellent for Libra because they can continue to update their look. Libra is balanced and well-rounded—they’re intellectual and highly cultured. Get them a biography so that they can learn more about famous icons.

The best gift for every astrological sign: Scorpio

Scorpio: Sex toys, lingerie, or a self-development workshop

Sultry Scorpio wants to go deeper—into the mysteries of the body, the world, and the universe. They’ll appreciate sexy gifts, so toys and lingerie (underwear-subscription time!) are great. Crystal sex toys are even better, as they meld Scorpio’s interests in both healing and sex (this amethyst Chakrubs would be perfect). Find out what personal development courses or workshops they are interested in, as these would also help them on their journey to get self-actualized.

The best gift for every astrological sign: Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Luggage, philosophical books, or a hot air balloon ride

This sign wants to understand the world. Give any Sag a nice set of luggage and some miles on her favorite airline and she’s off! (Even better if you can go with them.) Or a hot air balloon ride would surprise them into another dimension. Sagittarius has a penchant for learning, so take them on a philosophical journey with a book or collection of writings by a great sage—they love to be inspired.

The best gift for every astrological sign: Capricorn

Capricorn: A day planner, leather goods, an expensive watch, or designer shades

Capricorn is the most practical and productive of all of the signs. That being said, they have two different speeds when it comes to gifts: basic/useful or top-of-the-line. They will be just as happy with a day planner or a designer watch. They love items that can help them get ahead and look chic while doing it. Capricorn typically isn’t a huge fan of surprises, so if you want to take them out, it’s best to plan it out with them first.

The best gift for every astrological sign: aquarius

Aquarius: A telescope, a Bluetooth tracker for her keys, or an astrology reading

Aquarius is an innovator. They do well when they can get some perspective—a telescope will remind them that the universe is vast. They can also be a little distracted (if we’re being honest), so a Bluetooth tracker for their keys and other essentials is ideal. Aquarius is the sign that rules astrology, so consider a reading (you can book one with Sitron here) or even a super-cute astrology t-shirt. This air sign loves to learn and explore, so gifting an Aquarius tools for a DIY project will get her creative wheels turning.

The best gift for every astrological sign: pisces

Pisces: Records, incense, silky pajamas, or a donation in her name

Compassionate Pisces loves to lounge and openly feel all of her feelings. Get her set up with some chill records, delightful incense, and silky PJs. Pisces rules the feet, so a spa pedicure will help her feel on top of the world. Pisces are altruistic, so donation in her name will make her heart sing and help her feel connected.

Other ways to upgrade the holidays besides being an expert gift-giver? Some introspection and gratitude—here’s some inspo from spiritual leaders about how they give thanks. And for a quick session, try this one-minute gratitude break with Gabrielle Bernstein.

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