Best of 2015: How to be happy, inflammation facts, and other things we learned this year

happiness It’s been a big wellness year. And in case you’ve missed some of the highlights (while hitting up a treadmill studio or making matcha smoothie bowls?), we’re highlighting our most popular stories of 2015 in categories like Good Sweat and Good Food, plus the most controversial stories, most interesting Refrigerator Look Books, and more.

All of these “best-of” articles raised our readers’ heart rates (in a good way), making them click, comment, and discuss with friends. Some of these popular pieces may have even inspired healthy lifestyle changes. Like yours?

Check out our top Good Advice stories, here:

1. 10 health rules you should swear by in 2015—and forever
With his latest book The New Health Rules, Frank Lipman, MD, lays down your new healthy operating system. Here are his 10 top tips to get started.

2. This might convince you to skip alcohol for a few weeks
Sure, there are amazing health benefits to not drinking alcohol, but who knew it would only take skipping a month’s worth of happy hours to earn them?

3. The unexpected ways Marie Kondo’s book changed my life (to the tune of $10K)
This book seriously lives up to the hype. Here’s what it’s all about and what it did for me.

4. Everything you really need to know about inflammation
Here’s why practically every wellness guru out there is on an anti-inflammation crusade.

5. 3 surprising, science-backed ways to be happy
The perfect job and a hot significant other are nice, but they won’t keep you smiling in the long run. Here are a few research-proven things that will.

What was hot last year? Spot-burning fat—the fitness myth that won’t go away, and a whole lot more…

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