Best of 2011: Good Advice

In the best Good Advice stories of the year, we explored the meaning of detox, found 10 trendy foods that are worth eating, and asked yogis about sex.
juice cleanse
Juice cleanses are the rage, but are they good for you? We asked the experts.

The week leading up to the New Year is always a time of reflection. You’ve cleared the stressful holiday hurdles and the fun of New Year’s Eve is all that’s left.

It’s also a time of year when every publication churns out their best-of lists so that editors can unplug and take a freaking vacation. And we’re no different.

Over the week, we’ve been highlighting our favorite stories in each category—like Good Sweat and Good Looks—and we included our choices for the Most Controversial Articles of the year. Keep an eye out for for our favorite Fridge Look Books later this week.

Until then, here are our top picks from Good Advice, in no particular order. Let us know if we missed your favorite! Happy Holidays from Well+Good. See you in 2012!

1. 10 trendy foods you shouldn’t ignore
Tempted to dismiss a healthy food item once it’s become overly marketed? Us, too. But these 10 super trendy foods have real health benefits.

What does "detoxing" mean anymore? We investigated.

2. What does “detox” mean to you?
Detox is probably the biggest wellness buzzword. To get a grip on what it actually means to the many experts who practice and promote its benefits, we asked them.

3. Are juice cleanses really healthy? Why some wellness experts worry
Popular, yes. But are juice cleanses really as good for us and our over-worked digestive tracts as they sound? Or is it just a tad more complicated than that?

4. What yoga taught me about sex, say yogis
Sharon Gannon, Sadie Nardini, and Kate Artibee dish on how yoga has affected their bedroom behavior. And how it can rock yours.

5. Is beer a legit post-workout beverage?
Turns out that triathletes, yogis, and fitness gurus among us enjoy a post-workout brewski. Does that mean we can too? We crack open the case.

Bonus Nightlife Pick! Yoga studios are the new nightclubs
Fancy a little booty shaking with your vinyasa? By the looks of the number of parties on the scene, yoga dance events are the next big thing.

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