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Best of 2011: Refrigerator Look Books

Christy Turlington, Sam Talbot, Elena Brower
Christy Turlington, Chef Sam Talbot, and yogi Elena Brower opened their fridge doors to us this year.


The week, leading up to the New Year, we’ve been highlighting our favorite stories in each Well+Good category this week, from Good Sweat to Good Food.

And now we bring you our picks for the year’s best Fridge Look Books that made us smile, laugh, or change our diets.

These articles, which give us all a peek inside the shopping, eating, and cooking habits of the healthy people we’re fascinated with, have become super popular.

Perhaps because they marry the curiosity we have to know what great-looking people eat, and the healthy choices they quietly make, with basic voyeurism. (What The Sartorialist did for fashion we’ve done for the fridge!)

Here are our top five Refrigerator Look Books, in no particular order. Let us know if we missed your favorite! Happy Holidays from Well+Good. See you in 2012!

1. Olivia Ward
When Olivia Ward shed 129 pounds this past May to win the 11th season of The Biggest Loser, her body, and her fridge, got a makeover. We took a look inside.

2. Christy Turlington Burns
We peeked inside the supermodel’s healthy fridge to find out what has been fueling her long runs, and her ageless beauty.

3. Elena Brower
The renown yogi’s fridge is fit to feed a healthy army. It’s brimming full of greens, nutritional supplements, and even a drawer of natural beauty products.

Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian cooks at home
We learned what Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian cooks at home

4. Sam Talbot
He’s a Top Chef fan fave and a New York Times “sexy chef.” But Sam Talbot’s also super healthy with a cookbook to prove it. We peeked inside his fridge.

5. Gabrielle Bernstein
The party-girl turned self-help guru and author famously changed her life and her her diet—buh-bye takeout, hello kale! And is now a master of “wild salads.”

Bonus! The Food Network’s newest Iron Chef

Geoffrey Zakarian
In the home fridge of the celebrity chef and “Chopped” judge, fresh produce plays a starring role. And so does a whole lot of French butter.