Best of 2012: The most controversial stories of the year

Turns out 2012 was filled with wellness-related controversy—from the "dangers of yoga" and whether spinning bulks thighs to studies about Diet Coke.

yoga injuries

This week we’re highlighting our favorite stories in categories like Good Sweat and Good Looks, plus the Most Controversial and Most Feel-Good stories of the year. All of these “Best of” stories made our readers think, click, and comment. And some got you pretty fired up about the issues we investigated.

Here are our most controversial stories from 2012, in no particular order. Let us know, in the Comments, below, if we missed your favorite.

1. How William J. Broad became yoga’s public enemy number one: An interview
“How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” set off a firestorm of controversy. We asked the author to explain himself and how it feels to be hated in the yoga world.

2. Mila Chia Seeds: Superfood or a scam?
If you haven’t heard of Mila Chia Seeds, get ready. Someday soon, someone you know is going to try to sell them to you. Here’s what you need to know.

3. Do you have a dirty little dietary secret? And is it called Diet Coke?
While sipping diet soda can seem harmless, especially in moderation, a surprising number of substantial studies show otherwise.

John Friend4. Will Anusara—and John Friend—survive the scandal?
The dust has finally settled in Anusara-land. So we held a roundtable with yoga intellectuals Stefanie Syman and Neal Pollack to discuss the fall-out and the future.

5. Does spinning lead to bulky quads?
Is the popular cardio workout a cause of thicker thighs, or is this an urban fitness myth spun out of control? We investigate.

6. Five fitness facts that studies say probably aren’t true
Gretchen Reynolds’ new book The First 20 Minutes is like a “Myth Busters” episode devoted to exercise science. We share 5 findings that will change your workout.

7. Will government regulation kill the $15 yoga class?
The city and state have decided that it’s time for yoga studios to start paying taxes, plus heed other regulations. Here’s how the business of yoga will affect you.

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