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Best of 2012: The most feel-good stories of the year

Sandy acupuncture healing clinics in the Rockaways

This week, we’re highlighting our favorite stories in categories like Good Sweat, Best Refrigerator Look Books, plus the Most Controversial stories of the year. All of these “Best of” stories made our readers think, click, and comment.

Unfortunately, 2012 also carried a lot tragedy and heartbreak from Hurricane Sandy to school shootings. So we thought it would be helpful to reflect on the most feel-good stories of the year—stories that showcased compassion, and inspired hope and happiness.

Here are best feel-good stories from 2012, in no particular order.

1. A healing pop-up in the Rockaways helps Sandy survivors
A yoga studio turned acupuncture clinic is one of several healing pop-ups throughout New York City that’s helping locals.

2. Commuting tips from a Buddhist
Five tips from David Nichtern on how not to become a total stress case on the subway ride to work.

Gabrielle Bernstein3. 3 simple tips for creating the “Best Life Ever”
Taylor Wells is a happy force to be reckoned with. In her new book, the Prana Power Yoga founder shares the principles that got her there.

4. Cleanse America: The movement that wants to baptize you with green juice
Cleanse America’s raw-food evangelists want to convince one million Americans to try a cleanse before the end of 2012. But will they reach the unconverted?

5. Gabrielle Bernstein, and the women who follow her
With her hip approach to inspiring self love and miracles, Gabrielle Bernstein is creating an army of young, chic spiritual warriors. Here’s who they are.

6. 10 foods for happiness
The modern American diet isn’t exactly happy-making, more studies are finding. Here are 10 foods that deliver real Happy Meals.

7. The Daily Love’s Mastin Kipp is on the move
Dispersing age-old wisdom has worked out well for The Daily Love founder Mastin Kipp. Now, it’s his turn to be quoted.

Let us know, in the Comments, below, if we missed your favorite.