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Best of 2013: Surprise Hits

From adrenal fatigue to the CrossFit dating scene, these are the most surprising stories that Well+Good readers flipped for this year.
CrossFit romance
The new hot and sweaty place to meet a mate: CrossFit


This week, we’re highlighting our favorite (and most popular) stories in categories like Good Sweat and Good Looks, plus the most controversial stories, most interesting Refrigerator Look Books, and more. All of these “best-of” articles made our readers click, comment, think, and smile (or frown). Some probably led to diet or workout changes; some may inspire 2014 resolutions.

Here are our top Surprise Hits (stories we didn’t know you’d love, but you really did) from 2013, in no particular order:

1. 8 signs you have adrenal fatigue (and what to do about it)
Overachievers take note: Your dark circles, grogginess, and lack of energy after a workout might be signs you’ve got this modern-day affliction.

2. Is granola good for you?
While granola has some health benefits (and it still beats pancakes for nutritional value), it’s also not the angelic breakfast food you may have taken it for.

3. 9 Ayurvedic secrets to great digestion
The world’s oldest healing science holds the secrets to better digestion. And guess what? Most of us aren’t practicing them.

4. The new hot (and sweaty) place to meet a mate
CrossFit now rivals the bar scene when it comes to getting a date. We learned how lots of devotees are finding lasting love…while lifting.

Healthy frozen bananas
6 recipes that prove bananas make the healthiest frozen desserts

5. 6 recipes that prove bananas make the healthiest frozen desserts
Pop them in the freezer and bananas transform almost magically and effortlessly into a healthy dessert with delicious wow-factor.

6. Inflammation-causing foods no one talks about 
Dairy and sugar, you know. But here are sneaky sources of inflammation that fly under the radar.

7. Nut butter battle: Almond vs. peanut
Which butter is really better for you? We asked top nutritionists and health coaches to break it down for us.

Let us know, in the Comments, if we missed any of your faves!